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The Gall of this Guest feat. Michael Hawk

November 16, 2022

This week we welcome a special guest, Michael Hawk from Nature's Archive podcast. Kirk kicks things off by talking about the Demon Core, Michael talks about the bizarre world of plant galls and Rachel round things out with poisonous birds!

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You can find Michael's podcast at Nature's Archive

You can also check out his environmental organization: Jumpstart Nature
For more on galls, check out a webinar he did w/ Dr. Merav Vonshak on galls: Plant Galls for the Curious Naturalist
Follow Michael on social media:
Nature's Archive: @naturesarchive IGFBTwitter
Jumpstart Nature: @jumpstartnature IGFBTwitter
Specific podcast episodes where Michael talks more about galls. 

Dr. Doug Tallamy - Episode #26
Adam Kranz of - Episode #29


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